Monday, July 26, 2010

rear arms!!

So i went to G-dimensions today picked up the RUCAS and toe arms. Installed them and now gotta align the car. so tired!!!!! tomorrow is going to be a busy day. post up pics later.

The scream of coach!!!

chillin on the freeway. Brian decided by unanimous vote to do a pass. Sorry for the crappy video. hehe.

first time to ever drift...hehe

the first time i ever set foot (wheels) on the track!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

drift night!!

So we went out to check out the drift even this night at Irwindale Speedway!! woot woot. love the smell of smoke and carne asada tacos. great combination. Props to everyone out there many great drifts and spins! So yeah got to hang out with the homies and chill. overall a great day. till tomorrow!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Well today is going to be a crazy day. Heading out to G-dimensions later. going to get my rear arms for the car and then maybe photoshoot?? it's still up in the air. but tonight is irwindale speedway drift night. so i def. want to be there. hit me up!

What it looks like now!

So this is what the car looks like at the moment. dropped, canned and ready to roll!

It Begins

Well today i decided to make a blog. hmmmmm why? idk I guess ill post pics here for my car and life at that matter. post up past present and future of the car. Day by day lets see what happens. Thanks for viewing!!!! =P